How much will my new cabinets cost?

Just like purchasing a new cars or a home – cabinets pricing varies dramatically. Entry-level cabinets are less expensive than cabinets with special finishes and upgraded storage features. Capitol Kitchens provides cabinetry that fits most any budget—from basic to bold. Schedule a professional consultation today.

How long will it take for my cabinets to arrive after I order?

Depending on how complex the job is your order time may vary. On average it take the manufacturer three weeks to build your new cabinets. Installation of your cabinets will be mutually chosen to ensure all materials arrive before we demo your existing space. Our mission is to install your new kitchen within 3 – 5 days.

Can I provide my own sketch, for you to design my kitchen?

We absolutely can certainly start with a sketch provided by you. By providing a sketch you can help shorten the time needed to design the final kitchen remodel layout. However, we will always do our own measurements using a laser template to verify that the design will work.

Are you able to match my existing cabinets or furniture?

In many cases, Capitol Kitchens can find cabinetry that may be compatible with your existing cabinets or furniture. For our Legacy line, finishes can be custom blended by Sherwin Williams, who provides all finishes for this manufacturer.

What features should I look for when I choose kitchen cabinets?

Certain construction features are an indication of quality cabinets. You should look for things such as finished backs on all cabinets, drawer guides that also support the drawer bottom, conversion varnish (not lacquer) finishes, multi-way adjustable hinges, adjustable shelves, and a wide range of heights and depths. Newer convenience features include “soft-close” hinges and drawers, multi-function drawer systems, and optional task lighting.

What are popular types of cabinets?

While popular cabinet styles and trends vary from year to year, traditional raised-panel, shaker panel, or flat panel is always a favorite due to affordability and durability. A current trend is a “stand-alone” furniture look that allows for highly customized design features using cabinetry from major manufacturers.

Cherry has become increasingly popular, as certain wood species tend to be favored by today’s consumers. Frequently seen in kitchen remodeling these days is maple because of its clean look and ability to blend in with most existing finishes.

Are environmentally “green” cabinets available at a reasonable price?

Capitol Kitchens represents several manufacturers across the price spectrum whose cabinets are certified under the Environmental Stewardship Program developed by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.

What’s the difference between  custom-made cabinets and manufactured cabinets?

Ten years back there was a major difference in the finishes and sizes available from custom cabinetmakers as compared to the stock manufacturers. Today, many “stock” cabinet manufacturers offer custom sizing and finishes that often rival, and even exceed, the capabilities of a local custom cabinet shops. Many styles of cabinets include the ability to factory modify the cabinet to your custom dimensions.

Do you charge a design fee, measure fee or other fees in addition to the contract price for kitchen cabinets and installation?

Capitol Kitchens does not charge a measure fee or a design fee for a first design or estimate. In some cases, where multiple design revisions are requested, a design retainer may be requested. That retainer is then credited in full to the final cost of the job.

Do you do any major remodeling in addition to kitchen cabinet and granite installation?

Capitol Kitchens specializes in the whole kitchen remodeling process. This includes the moving of electrical, plumbing, and walls if necessary. Your project Manager and workers on the job site are Capitol Kitchen employees with exception of plumbing and electrical when working inside walls/floors/ceiling. We have strong working relationships with those trades to ensure that your experience a great one.

Do you provide cabinets for remodeling only, or also for new construction?

Capitol Kitchens works with a number of reputable remodelers and can provide cabinets through your contractor or directly to you for your kitchen or bath remodeling project and room addition. We also work with many custom home builders, who consult with our designers to assure that the layouts for kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets, and other cabinetry are chosen to properly fit the budget and space. We will coordinate directly with your builder and also consult directly with you.

What is your door thickness?
All our kitchen cabinets have sturdy 3/4″ thick doors.

What are your cabinet depths?
Base cabinets are 24″ deep.  Wall cabinets are 12″ deep unless otherwise noted. Standard vanity depth is 21″.

Are these cabinets strong enough to support a granite countertop?
Yes!  And anything else you need them to support.

Are the cabinets pre-drilled for handles or knobs?
No holes are drilled.  Handles and knobs are not included.

There are some minor scratches and nicks on my cabinets. How can I repair these?

For minor stain and finish touch-ups on your cabinets, we recommend our touch-up kits. One will be included with your remodel.

How does one go about purchasing your cabinetry?

You can buy direct from us! We will work directly with you and your building professional. Capitol Kitchens will design, build, and deliver directly to you.

How about door styles and finishes?

We offer a variety of door styles as well as finishes, enabling you to live with the design elements and kitchen layout that fit your lifestyle.

What type of door/drawer joinery does Capitol Kitchens employ?

Where appropriate, mortise and tenon, and dovetail.

Does Capitol Kitchens carry a ‘full overlay door’?

Yes, we offer a full overlay door, quite popular with our Legacy line!

What about countertops?

When that question gets asked, most people are referring to the countertop that goes into the kitchen proper. That’s how we started 13 years ago, and are the largest and most automated countertop manufacturer in Virginia –  producing granite, marble, quartz, solid surface (aka Corian), and are affiliated with laminate countertop companies to suit any need out of any product.

Does Capitol Kitchens install the cabinetry?

Yes, we insist on installing the countertops if we are making the countertops. To save time in the remodeling process your entire kitchen is measured using laser precision through the use of a digital templating arm; resulting in much greater accuracy. This technology allows us to design and make the countertop while the cabinets are on order to minimize your down-time……no one likes to do dishes in the bathtub or eat out for 30 days in a row!

Does Capitol Kitchens do refacing of cabinets?

No. Refacing is a time-consuming journey that typically costs as much as new cabinets. Here is where the old adage is relevant, “Show me a 10 year old sink cabinet, and I will show you water damage on it”.

OK, I’ve read all the FAQ’s, but I still have a question…

Contact Us! Kitchen remodeling expert would be happy to walk you through the process. And there is never a commitment on your part.