Our Process

A typical kitchen remodel takes 30-35 days on average.
A Capitol Kitchens Remodel takes 3-5 business days.

In a typical kitchen remodel, the contractor will install all the cabinets first. After cabinet installation is completed the contractor schedules a countertop templator to come to the home and template the countertops. This process can take upto a week depending on season, location, and size of job. No contractor wants to take responsibility for final fit and detail – that responsibility shifts to the countertop manufacturer as soon as the template occurs!

Between scheduling AFTER the cabinets are permanently set to installation of the tops is about a 2 week process in the remodel of a kitchen out of a typical 30-35 day complete kitchen remodel.

Primarily, the remodeler is a General Contractor who subs out the various trades (plumbing, electrical, flooring, cabinets & countertops) and is subject to their schedules.

At Capitol Kitchens we control ALL aspects of the Kitchen Remodel! The sub variable is removed, and you the customer capitalizes on it. The ‘mobilization’ day (the day we begin to demo your kitchen) is established when we have an inbound arrival date on your cabinets.

The process goes as follows:

Day 1: Demo old kitchen and begin flooring installation.
Day 2: Finish flooring and set cabinets.
Day 3: Set countertop stone and finish trimming cabinets/set uppers
Day 4: Backsplash tile/paint, hook up plumbing & electrical
Day 5: Punch List/knobs/trim/appliances

Enjoy your new kitchen!



5 Reasons to choose Capitol Kitchens over other kitchen remodeling companies!

Don’t be fooled by the low square foot prices offered online!
Capitol Kitchens offers more included granite, and cabinet features that are typically seen by our competitors as needed “Extras”. Our line of cabinets, countertops, and flooring, offers a better value no matter what your budget.

  • Start to finish in 3-5 business days for Cabinets, Countertops & Flooring – From the day we demo your existing kitchen to the day you can continue to cook.
  • One Stop Shop: Get your Cabinets, flooring, countertops, and backsplash at one location.
  • Remodeling teams are employees of Capitol Kitchens
  • Many Lines of cabinets & flooring to choose from: We offer over 70 door styles, 107 colors, over 775 color/style combinations, and over 5,000 SKUs.
  • Unlimited choices of countertops types & colors to choose from with options such as granite, marble, quartz, & butcher block.


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